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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mind The Gap Theatre Participates in Theatre Uncut

Reclaim Productions in association with Meeting Point Productions, supported by Southwark Playhouse presents Theatre Uncut in response to the UK-wide spending cuts affecting the arts. Across the UK thousands of people are involved in protests and debates, sparked into action by the largest cuts to public spending since World War Two. Theatre Uncut is a national theatre event in response to these cuts, bringing together some of the UK’s leading dramatists.

As NYC's premiere British Theatre Company- and as a US company all too familiar with arts cuts in the states - Mind The Gap has a particular interest in showing support for our fellow theatre artists back in the UK and will be presenting readings of the commissioned plays, free of charge on March 19th.

Theatre Uncut’s flagship event will be held at The Vault, Southwark Playhouse UK from 16th March to 19th March 2011. March 19th will see drama groups, universities, youth clubs and theatre companies nationwide join the event, staging their own versions of the shorts in a national theatrical uprising. The events will be linked together through online networking and video conferencing.

Writers for Theatre Uncut include Mark Ravenhill, David Greig, Dennis Kelly, Jack Thorne, Lucy Kirkwood, Laura Lomas, Anders Lustgarten (based on an initial idea by Simon Stephens and Anders Lustgarten), Mark Ravenhill, and Reclaim’s writer in residence, Clara Brennan, all of whom have agreed to donate their work rights free for the duration of the event.

Theatre Uncut in New York is being organised by Mind The Gap Theatre and will take place at:

The Workshop Theater
312 W. 36th St, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Saturday 19 March at 12:00pm
FREE admission

Mind The Gap will be presenting readings of the 8 short pieces featuring company members Katie Fabel, Henrietta Clark, Daniel Damiano, Paula Burton Bain, Holly Hamilton, Martin Ewens, Maria Pastel, Elizabeth Jasicki and Michael Graves.

Reclaim Productions Artistic Director Hannah Price says:

‘Theatre Uncut is a theatrical response to the cuts outlined by the coalition in October. These cuts are the turning point of a generation, undermining the welfare state, state higher education and the arts in one fell swoop. By creating a nationwide event spearheaded in London we hope to create a theatrical uprising and play our part in the anti cuts movement that is already underway. We are delighted to have such fantastic writers and directors on board to help us achieve something extraordinary.’

We expect this to be a popular event and seating is limited, so we highly recommend advance reservations - call 212.252.3137 now to reserve seats.

As always, thanks for your support.

-The MTG Team.

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